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Positive Self-Talk Poster and Worksheet

An educational teaching resource from SEN Resource Source entitled Positive Self-Talk Poster and Worksheet downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Cultivating an inner voice of kindness is essential for mental health. This social-emotional learning toolkit features a colorful poster showing the benefits of positive self-talk, plus a worksheet for students to create uplifting personal affirmations. Together, the resources build confidence and resilience through the simple yet profound practice of self-encouragement.

The vibrant poster offers children reasons why self-talk is important for example 'reduces negative emotions', 'improves motivation' and 'develops resilience'. The worksheet then prompts students to write their own positive self-talk statements.

Teachers can display the poster on classroom walls then distribute worksheets for personalization during SEL lessons on growth mindset or self-esteem. Counselors may explore negative thought patterns and then use the affirmation activity to shift perspectives. Parents can model and create encouraging phrases at home to reinforce children’s self-worth.

This versatile two-part toolkit makes reframing self-criticism into compassion achievable for young students through to teens. By visualizing and voicing positivity, kids forge healthier neural pathways. The poster serves as a daily reminder that our inner voice shapes social, emotional, and academic outcomes - while the worksheet enables students to put this wisdom into action with a resource they can then regularly refer back to.

This resource includes a PDF poster, a color version of the worksheet and a black and white version and worksheet with self-talk examples pre-filled in.

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CBT positive self talk Affirmations Confidence building Self-esteem Self-encouragement Motivation Social-emotional learning Growth mindset Resilience

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