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Anxiety can feel overwhelming, but expressing concerns offers relief. This unique mindfulness resource provides a constructive outlet for kids to process worried thoughts by writing them down. The visualized ritual of confiding fears to paper is therapeutically cathartic.

The creatively designed “worry jar” worksheet features an illustrated glass jar with a cork top ready for children to write or draw personal anxieties. Prompting questions from adults can help encourage children to identify specific worry triggers like school, friends, health, family changes, current events.

Teachers can print stacks to place in an actual decorated jar in the calm down space where students can deposit concerns anonymously. School counselors might utilize the workbook format for individual journaling in sessions exploring anxiety issues. Parents can establish a routine of verbal processing before capturing worries in a family worry jar at home.

This versatile format makes externalizing anxious thoughts feel safe for young students through teens. The act of physically articulating then releasing fears gives concrete shape to abstract distress. Over time, acknowledging yet separating from cyclical worries builds coping skills and resilience. Kids learn to trust in support systems rather than being controlled by anxiety.

Simple yet incredibly cathartic, this worry jar worksheet transforms journaling into an emotion regulation ritual. Confiding struggles brings self-compassion and relief as we empty bottled-up burdens.

This resource includes 1 PDF worksheet

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