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BEST Counting Songs

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled BEST Counting Songs downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Early Math

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About This Product

The BEST Counting Songs: An Ideal Teaching Resource

The BEST Counting Songs is a meticulously designed teaching resource for educators catering to kindergarten, preschool as well grade 1 and grade 2 pupils. With an innovative approach, it integrates fun melodies with core math concepts thus challenging learners in an engaging manner.

Product Features:

  • A single zip file containing a total of fourteen songs.
  • The songs encompass various counting-related themes making them ideal sing-along tracks.
  • "Five Little Skunks" explains how numbers operate while "Ten In The Bed", teaches descending numbers from ten down towards one.

Versatility & Flexibility:

This collection is multi-functional – it perfectly suits whole or small group activities within classrooms as well as serves as enjoyable home assignments to foster individual learning. A perfect blend of education and entertainment, these songs are equally useful inside school environments like classrooms or daycare centers and outside - during travels or simply at-home study times.

Focusing on Core Mathematical Areas:

Incorporating themes around numbers counting, adding doubles & tens-counting etc., this resource sets the foundation for grasping advanced mathematical principles at later stages in life by honing early math skills.

To sum up,

BEST counting songs is beyond just a set of melodies meant to entertain young minds. It stands out as a valuable educational tool designed to maintain enduring interests in subjects often seen as 'challenging'. Its goal? To pave way for future academic success by positively impacting learning right at the start!

What's Included

1 zip file with 14 songs

Resource Tags

Counting songs Math education Sing-along Number sense Early learning

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