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Blogger - Post Rubric and Comment Rubric

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Blogger - Post Rubric and Comment Rubric: Versatile Instructional Resource

Blogger - Post Rubric and Comment Rubric is a prime resource for teachers incorporating blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress into their curriculum. This structured rubric provides a unified grading metric for student comments and posts, ensuring regularized evaluation and feedback.

The compatibility of the tool is quite broad, serving efficiently to grade levels ranging from 2 to 8. The foremost application lies in Science classes with technology elements, requiring students to contribute through blog posts or online comments. Nevertheless, its scope is not just limited there but expands over various other disciplines where blogging forms part of pedagogy.

Rubrical Breakdown

  • Student Blog Posts (20 marks): Comprises four sub-categories with each worth 5 marks.
  • User Comments (25 marks): Distributed over five different categories with each worth 5 marks.
Possible evaluation dimensions include aspects such as content quality, user interaction abilities or timely response etc., offering an overall appraisal about student's engagement.

Add-on Features

An interesting element in this resource is provision for teacher's commentary. This enables low-effort personal feedback – directly addressing strong points alongwith nip in the bud areas. It not only simplifies assessment tasks but provides students with clear guidance on their progression graph as well as what expectations are being set forth them. The material comes readily prepared in a printable PDF format allowing extensive flexibility:

  • In-class assignments: both individual task or group activity eventualities can be catered smoothly,
  • Safely fitting independent study slots,
  • Clever homework tasks depending on specific lesson needs.

This Blogger-post combined with comment rubric bridges the gap between traditional classroom teaching methods and modern digital learning platforms. It makes grading less cumbersome for teachers, all while promoting active learning engagement among students. Choose this simple yet effective grading model that aids easy evaluation today!

What's Included

This easy rubric includes:

- Posts: 20 marks with 4 categories (5 marks each)

- Comments: 25 marks with 5 categories (5 marks each)

- Both include a section for teacher comments

Print them out and start marking with ease!

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