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Boho Rainbow Days of the Week Labels (including blanks)

An educational teaching resource from Life Beyond the Gradebook entitled Boho Rainbow Days of the Week Labels (including blanks) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Boho Rainbow Days of the Week Labels are a cute boho rainbow labels. These labels are a fun way to show what day of the week it is!

Each label has an attractive rainbow on one side with pastel colors and then the name of the day of the week in the middle with black.

These labels can be laminated and used on bulletin boards, which can be changed every of the week. They can also be copied and placed on desks, or rings so that students may have their own set! Additionally, there are 5 blank labels included which can be used to practice writing the names of the week.

If laminated these can be an ongoing practice so that students can master the days of the week as well as writing each name!

This resource can also be used to place them anywhere you'd like in your classroom, on binders, etc.

What's Included

3 printable pages in PDF Format

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