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Book Guide Questions: Eerie Elementary #3 Recess is a Jungle!

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About This Product

This is a complete book guide that can be used in small groups or as a whole group. It includes thoughtful questions to help students better understand and enjoy what they read, and to help you check for their comprehension. The questions are specifically designed to support older readers who are on a lower reading level. The can also support grade level readers who are needing more challenging thought provoking questions. This book companion guide was designed with low level 5th grade students in mind. Two pages, PDF download.

Focus on good skills with low level readers or high achieving readers: predictions, drawing conclusions, expanding on small ideas, character development, and more.

It features:

-Chapter assignments

-Thoughtful comprehension questions (prediction, drawing conclusions, inferring)



Ch. 13

-How does Antonio’s advice help Sam?

He remembers that Antonio said to use what was around him so he uses an orange lunch tray as a shield.

Ch. 14

-Explain how peanut butter saves the day.

Sam feeds the school a giant drum of peanut butter. It chomps down and peanut butter explodes all over and then everything returns back to normal.

Ch. 15

-Retell what happened in this story. Use the sentence stems:

First, then, next, last.

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