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Books of the Old Testament Performance Track

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About This Product

We are always looking for ways to teach our students new skills. Being able to tailor instruction to their learning styles is just one effective way to increase student engagement and set students up for success. Many of our students, from year to year, are visual and auditory learners. Most children (and even adults) can attest to their ability to better retain information that they have learned through music and song. Because of this, my resources seek to teach students skills through song.

This particular resource is a Books of the Old Testament Performance Track Song. This can be used in your Bible classroom, in a home school setting, or a bible study setting.

Included in this resource:

--Books of the Old Testament MP4 video

Student will love learning and reviewing these scriptures through song. You can use this video to introduce these scriptures and then use it again to review them later on.

You may choose to incorporate it into your lesson’s presentation, so it is easily accessible for you. Students will listen to this song and be able to make connections to the other components of the lesson as well as any independent work they may be doing.

I hope you enjoy!

You can find more resources at my storefront here: Audio Memory

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What's Included

A 2 minute MP4 video

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