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Brain Teasers and Logic Puzzles Math Challenge Activity

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Word Problems


Grade 4, 5, 6

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About This Product

Ready-to-go brain teasers for grades 4-6. These are perfect for students who always finish activities early and need more of a challenge. They can also be used as enrichment activities, a morning DO NOW, impactful homework or sub plans.

How do I use them in my 5th grade classroom?

I post them around the room as stations and have students travel with a group. Each group comes up with a team name and they get points for every correct answer. It is great to build teamwork skills and problem solving techniques.

Students solve real-world problems with big math concepts hidden inside.

Why Logic Puzzles?:

● Great for the teacher because there is NO PREP involved! Simply print and go.

  • Gives students the opportunity to practice math and critical thinking skills

● Varying complexity so that students can challenge themselves and learn how to communicate ideas in a small group or with a partner.

● Easy grab and go for your early finisher activities so that all of your students stay engaged and working at the appropriate level

● An ENGAGING way to get your students to problem solve

What You Get:

Math Logic Games or Brain Teasers that involve:

  • problem solving

  • inductive reasoning

  • deductive reasoning

  • addition, subtraction

  • multiplication, division

  • critical thinking

  • money

Answer Keys

● Each puzzle has an answer key

Digital Option for Use With Google

● Option to go 100% paperless with this resource using Google Slides. You can assign a copy to each student or put it up on the board and complete one a day as a 'do now' or class activity

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