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Bucket Filling Versus Bucket Dipping SEL Boom Cards -With Audio

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About This Product

Bucket Filling Versus Bucket Dipping SEL Boom Cards - With Audio

An esteemed interactive teaching resource that enriches the learning environment, aimed towards early learning, preschool and kindergarten to grades 1-3 students. This deck provides comprehensive and engaging lessons about conceptualizing abstract behavior and emotions.

Origin of the concept

Taking inspiration from the insightful book 'Have You Filled A Bucket Today' by Carol McCloud, this unique tool encompasses:

  • 26 enrichment task cards
  • An addition of six informational ones focusing on life skills subjects.
Students learn valuable lessons about contrasting 'bucket filling' with 'bucket dipping', with each card elucidating on emotional outcomes in an easy-to-digest format for young learners.

A Supportive Audio Component

No need for students to read any text - there's also a supporting audio component! It makes these cards convenient even for auditory learners or those struggling with reading skills. Suitable for maximizing inclusivity whether in classroom situations or remote settings.

Owing to its flexibility,
    This resource can be utilized:
  • In teacher-led whole group discussions/ small team exercises promoting peer interaction.
  • As an individual homework project in which students illustrate ways they could fill someone's bucket—this increases creativity and encourages self-reflection.
For efficient utilization of these Boom Cards:
  • You must be connected to the internet;
  • The focus is modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge alongside Android Apps on iPads, iPhones & Kindle Fires;

    If you're seeking secured use of these cards along with assignment features providing feedback regarding students' progress to teachers, it would be necessary to acquire a premium account.


    Leveraging such intuitive resources tends to elevate teaching methods while ensuring maximum engagement amongst young minds!

  • What's Included

    A PDF with a paid link embedded within the picture.

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    bucket filling bucket dipping social-emotional learning interactive teaching resource audio component

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