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Bulletin Board Sight Words

Bulletin Board Sight Words
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Bulletin Board Sight Words

A key teaching resource designed for educators, the Bulletin Board Sight Words is 138-pages long and primarily targeted at kindergarten through Grade 2 students studying Language Arts. This resource covers sub-subjects such as Phonics and Spelling and aims to add a fun, tactile aspect to sight word lessons.

Design & Versatility

The tastefully designed word cards are intended not just for aesthetic purposes but also as functional items in learning sight words and spelling rules. Being versatile, they can be used in various educational circumstances. Once printed and cut, these word cards provide a hands-on experience that effectively engages students.

Dolch Sight Words

The package contains an article What Are Dolch Sight Words?. It talks about the 220 most frequently used words in English compiled by Edward William Dolch. These irregular words are learned via recognition rather than phonics. Such words become essential tools when teaching pronouns, adjectives, adverbs prepositions conjunctions and verbs.


  • Dolch Sight Word Lists arranged according to difficulty level.

  • Print-ready sight words for visibility anytime during class hours on your bulletin board or display area within reach.

Versatility Across Different Settings & Accessibility

This product's design allows it to be implemented across different settings based on teacher's preference: whole group instructions small group workshops or assigned as homework projects. Being distributed as an easily accessible PDF file type makes it perfect for both distance learners and traditional classroom setups."

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