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Careers Now and Then | Measure Area with Framers Day 2 | Ottawa Tribe

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Careers Now and Then | Measure Area with Framers Day 2 | Ottawa Tribe

This teaching resource is designed to equip educators with a comprehensive guide in imparting knowledge about framing workers. Ideal for grades 1 through 4, it can be used for whole group study or smaller groups.

  • Content range: fact fluency, role-plays, problem solving and close reads.
  • Cross-curricular connections: students understand framers' roles in the community across subjects.
  • User-friendly lesson plans: step-by-step instructions supported by helpful checklists make it easy-to-use for all educators.

In spite of being day two of a week-long series on career development studies, it operates independently as a stand-alone module. It thus aids not just school teachers but also homeschooling parents who want to expose their children extensively to different occupational paths within their communities.

The downloadable resource comprises 24 ready-to-print pages available in an easily accessible PDF file format – making it perfect even for busy educators on-the-go!

Focusing On Interactive Learning
Using this foundation building measure area lessons invokes fun learning sessions that don’t feel like forced studies! It encourages active engagement while discussing career choices.
All in all, the module offers an amalgamation of:
- Mathematical skills linking real-world examples,
- Easy go-to lesson plans focusing on occupational diversity,
- Content that fosters interactive and engaged learning.

Upon using this user-friendly educational toolkit, one can ensure an appealing way of teaching careers effectively – quite fitting considering our ever-evolving world of work.

What's Included

1 PDF with 24 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

careers framing workers social studies cross-curricular connections real-world examples

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