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Cash Cab Game (Google Slides Template)

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About This Product

This is a Google Slides editable Cash Cab game template. Cash Cab is great for a fun and interactive way to review information. You can insert all your own information and all the slides are linked for you, ready to go. This Google Slides game has room for 12 questions, red light challenge and a video bonus question.

It is simple to edit. Add your question and answers and click present. When in present mode, only click once to display correct answer. Click again to go to the next question. Keep track of strikes. The students are allowed to be incorrect 3 times total. You can press escape and get out of present mode to place an X under the Strike box, or keep track on the board / paper. If the students answer 8 questions in a row they will have a red light challenge question. If they make it all the way through 12 questions without 3 strikes, they can risk all of their extra credit on a video bonus question (double or nothing).

What's Included

Cash cab digital game

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