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Wheel of Fortune (Google Slides Game Template)

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About This Product

This is an easy to use Google Slide Wheel of Fortune game template. It will play like the popular TV game show. This game is great to review before quizzes and tests! This game is generic and works with any subject area such as English, history, math, science, social studies, etc.

4 slides and easy to follow. Requires internet access, even when playing. To start, go to the 4th page of the PDF and make a copy into your own Google Drive.

Included is an interactive wheel version of the same game. Click anywhere on the wheel to get a random amount. Video wheel still available. You can choose between the two styles.

Note: you will have to go in and out of present mode for this to work. Tested and works great in a classroom though :)

What's Included

This is an easy to use Google Slide Wheel of Fortune game template.

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