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Christopher Columbus: History - Hands On

Christopher Columbus: History - Hands On
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History: USA


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Christopher Columbus: History - Hands On

A compelling teaching tool that educators can utilize to immerse students in the riveting history of the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. Designed primarily for grades 1-4, this product offers an innovative and engaging twist to traditional history lessons.

Hands-On Learning Experience

This hands-on teaching resource allows students to practically experience historical events. Picture your students embarking on their own sea voyage, discovering new lands, navigating using dead reckoning or even designing their own coat of arms. This tool works wonderfully in social studies classrooms with a focus on United States history.

Creative Approach to Teaching

The toolkit empowers teachers by offering experiential learning methods that encourage active participation over passive instruction. Its main goal is to merge education and enjoyment seamlessly, making learning as fun as possible.

Versatile Usage
  • This content-rich material can be used cohesively for whole group instructions.
  • It also works well for small group activities or individual assignments.
  • The kit accommodates multiple modalities effectively catering different types of learners such as visual and kinesthetic types.
Trouble-Free Lesson Planning

The package comes in an accessible PDF file ensuring educators could easily download and print materials whenever required; lesson planning has never been easier!

A Refreshing Way Of Learning & Teaching
Through Christopher Columbus: History-Hands On,"students are transformed into explorers; classrooms are turned into historical venues; lessons crafted into meaningful experiences." A refreshingly effective way to engage young minds whilst furthering their knowledge about American history.

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