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Circumference and Area of Circles (with First Peoples' Principles)

Circumference and Area of Circles (with First Peoples' Principles)
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About This Product

Circumference and Area of Circircles with First Peoples' Principles is a teaching resource that combines math education with principles taken from indigenous cultures. This interactive learning tool has been designed specifically for Grades 6 to 8, making it suitable for public schools and homeschooling environments alike.

These materials provide practical application of geometry by instructing students on how to calculate the areas of rectangles as well as the areas and circumference of circles. The lesson plan blends hands-on activities with relevant mathematics concepts, empowering students to understand math theory through real-life tasks.

  • The unique feature in these materials is their clever incorporation of First Peoples’ Principles into each lesson. As they learn geometry, students also gain insight into traditional Indigenous cultural items such as button blankets or rawhide drums.

This flexible learning tool can be used in whole-class sessions to guide every student step by step. It may also serve as a resource for small group work or homework assignments, promoting independent problem-solving skills outside school hours.

  1. Note that while this product aligns with the British Columbia Mathematics 7 curriculum requirements, its flexibility enables it to fit into any learning environment studying circle areas & perimeters - ranging from high school social studies classes to special education rooms.

The worksheets conform to CCSS7.G.B.4 and CCSSMP1 standards,, ensuring educators that their mathematically proficient students will flourish under this approach—giving more roundedness toward accomplishing overall mathematical education pathways.

Your purchase includes:
  • An easy-to-follow four-page PDF including two student worksheets; these are not double-sided nor resizable - aiming at minimal discomfort during class activities.
  • Absolute clarity in instructions - one page requires cutting, while manageable shapes and diameters are maintained during calculations.
  • An answer key for teachers to accurately assess student progress through each exercise.

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