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All About Climate and Weather | Earth Science Unit

All About Climate and Weather | Earth Science Unit
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Bring your earth science lessons to life with these creative resources. This unit covers the differences between climate and weather, wind, precipitation, clouds, lightening, weather fronts, forecasting, meteorology tools, and extreme weather events.

How To Use This:

Look through this boatload of resources and pick out which pieces and parts will help you organize and plan your science unit. I purposefully included lots of different options so that you can personalize your approach. Note: Posters can also be used as awesome slides in google classroom.

What You Get:

  • - Sample Earth Science Lesson Plan Schedule

  • - Recommended projects and activities

  • - Recommended video links (QR codes and URL addresses)

  • - List of thematic vocabulary and spelling words

  • - 25 Vocabulary word strips: (Weather, Climate, Wind, Precipitation, Clouds, Fog, Weather Front, Meteorology, Warm Front, Cold Front, Stationary Front, Occluded Front, Coriolis Effect, - Humidity, Isobar, Jet Stream, Anemometer, Barometer, Rain Gauge, Weather Vane, Hygrometer, Thermometer, Wind Sock, Arid, and Atmosphere)

  • - Poster "Climate Versus Weather"

  • - Poster "Why is Climate Important?"

  • - Poster "5 Main Categories of Climate"

  • - Poster "What is Wind?"

  • - Poster "What is Precipitation?"

  • -Poster "What are Clouds?"

  • - Poster "Types of Clouds"

  • - Poster "What is Lightening and Thunder?"

  • - Poster "Weather Fronts"

  • - Poster "What is Meteorology? Weather Forecasting"

  • - Poster "Tools Used to Study Weather"

  • - Poster "Dangerous Weather"

  • - "What is a Weather Forecast?" 2 page article (provided in two reading levels)

  • - "How Weather Affects Us" article (provided in two reading levels)

  • - Climate or Weather? worksheet

  • - Types of Climate worksheet

  • - Track the weather chart

  • - Meteorology Instruments worksheet

  • - What kind of front is this? worksheet

  • - Climate and weather word search

  • - Weather dot-to-dot

  • - Weather Vane Craft Template (Need to use paper plate, paper cup, straw, and pin)

  • - Cloud viewer craft

  • - Weather mobile craft template

  • - Weather Bear and Clothes Paper Doll (in b&w and color, best for preschool or early elementary to discuss what to wear in different weather situations)

  • - 6 Writing templates about this science topic in different writing genres

  • - 3 early writing templates

  • - 3 beginning writing templates

  • - Review game rules, setup, and printable questions

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-Google Doc describing what is included

-JPEGs explaining some of the individual activities

-71 page PDF with ready to print pages

Resource Tags

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