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President's Day Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather)

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

President's Day Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather)

An exciting LOW PREP resource for teachers and homeschoolers seeking a captivating, educational activity on President's day. It's perfect for learners in the second to fourth grades and can be implemented at home, classrooms or cooperative learning environments.

This product includes:
  • A unique approach to opinion writing – students focus their research on any two presidents (out of 45). The combinations range from figures like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to modern leaders such as Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

After the independent or collaborative research phase, students present ‘would you rather’ via assigned writing prompts either orally or through written content using the provided graphic organizers.

The package caters to varying ability levels with:
  • Differentiated writing graphics organizers adjusted to three distinct difficulty levels.
  • A comprehensive step-by-step guide with checklists covering every stage from drafting initial ideas to final input refinement.

The blend of English Language Arts exercises fosters creativity and critical thinking around History & Social Studies. It also refines grammar practices while presenting original thoughts within group settings or individually via reading and researching activities centered around President’s Day.

Included Resources are:

    *All are easily downloadable as a PDF file*
  • Instructions
  • ,
  • President Cards - 44 vibrant color versions & black-and-white variations,
  • ,
  • Mixed Research Report Pages,
  • ,
  • Differentiated Opinion Writing Graphic Organizers at Three Levels,

  • A Step-By-Step Guide along-with Checklists detailing Opinion-Writing,

  • Sentence Starters & Transitions
  • Buckle up for an engaging and learning-packed Day with the President's Day Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather) package!

    What's Included


    President cards (46 in color and 46 in B&W)

    Mix and match research report pages

    Differentiated opinion writing graphic organizers (3 levels)

    Step-by-step opinion writing instructions and checklists

    Sentences starters and transitions

    Resource Tags

    President's Day Opinion Writing US Presidents Research Writing Prompts

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