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Conflict Resolution SEL Quiz Show With Handout PowerPoint

Conflict Resolution SEL Quiz Show With Handout PowerPoint
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Life Skills


Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Conflict Resolution SEL Quiz Show with Handout PowerPoint

Designed specially for Grade 3 to Grade 6, this resource aims at providing practical solutions to resolve conflicts among students. It serves as an essential tool for educators in public schools as well as homeschooling environments, encouraging proactive learning through an interactive approach.

Packed with Several Categories

  • "What Would You Do?"
  • "Role-Play"
  • "Repair Skills"
  • "Resolution Steps"
  • "Mix It Up."

The main goal behind each category is to enhance students' critical thinking abilities and help them master comfortable conflict resolution techniques.

No-Prep Feature and Integrated Tracking System:

This game-based teaching tool requires minimal planning time from the educators. The tracking mechanism makes progress tracking convenient – PowerPoint links change color once a question has been answered (takes effect only in PowerPoint mode).

Included Printable Handout:

A valuable addition! An all-encompassing guide on how to resolve conflicts is also included. Students can refer to it during the game and even later, providing them a ready-to-use solution when handling future conflicts.

Ideal Choice For Educational Subjects:

Specially suited for subjects like Special Resources, Life Studies and its subcategory Life Skills—this Quiz Show helps develop necessary soft skills amongst young learners

. Fosters Student Engagement &-Impactful Learning Cases :/bold>;

The interactive gameplay further ensures immediate student engagement while imparting valuable education. This perfect blend makes Conflict Resolution SEL Quiz Show an apt choice for shaping smart, compassionate future citizens.

NB: It’s an ideal choice for both traditional classrooms and homeschooling setups. Parents can also consider introducing this pedagogical tool at home to assist with their child's growth journey!

What's Included

A PowerPoint presentation.

Resource Tags

conflict resolution SEL quiz show interactive learning problem-solving

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