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Friendship Or Frenemy SEL Quiz Show With A Printable Handout

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

The Friendship Or Frenemy SEL Quiz Show & Printable Handout

An engaging and enjoyable educational tool designed for students in grades 4 to 9. This resource predominantly focuses on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by helping learners understand the nuanced differences between real friends and so-called 'frenemies'.

The Resource Overview

This teaching resource comprises a comprehensive 53-slide PowerPoint presentation along with a printable handout. The PowerPoint encompasses five distinct categories:

  • True or False,
  • Act It Out,
  • Focus on Friendship,
  • Perspective Taking, and
  • Body Language (based on real people's expressions),
  • F

Apart from those, there is also an entertaining section called 'Just For Fun'.

'Just For Fun' Details

This category includes word riddles associated with friendship themes as well as intriguing optical illusions that foster critical thinking skills among students.

About the Handout

The printable handout goes into detail about the attributes of genuine friends versus frenemies. It also features coloring activities involving friendly monsters to make learning fun.

Note-worthy Feature:

All questions within the presentation are hyperlinked interactively; when answered, it changes color indicating which ones have been attended--a useful feature for classroom management.

Suggested Usage:

  1. Prioritize discussing elements presented in the handout—this approach will familiarize learners about key concepts involved while fostering interactive discussions around friendship.
  2. It serves as a thought-provoking group activity during school hours or an insightful assignment at home depending on your teaching style!
  3. Based on Microsoft PowerPoint format for easy usability across various platforms.

The resource, although fun-filled, provides social insights crucial for student growth making it not just entertaining but educational!

What's Included

A 53 slide PowerPoint game show with a printable handout on the last slide.

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Friendship Frenemy SEL Quiz Show Handout

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