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Cooking Up Artic, CH, J, SH, Boom Cards Speech Therapy

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About This Product

Cooking Up Artic, CH, J, SH, Boom Cards Speech Therapy

A unique and engaging teaching resource designed to enhance the learning experience for students from preschool through to grade three. This innovative speech therapy tool offers teachers a fun and interactive way to target articulation goals during individual or group therapy sessions.

The Activity

The activity centers around creating a familiar treat—a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—while focusing on sound articulation. Specially designed with over 60 target words and offering opportunities for over 60 different sentence productions incorporating these words; this resource is an excellent choice for teachers aiming to improve their students' pronunciation of /sh/, /j/, and /ch/ sounds.

Beyond Articulation Guide

Cooking Up Artic also helps in language development. By following step-by-step instructions to make the perfect PB&J sandwich, learners get valuable practice in areas such as:

  • Sequencing,
  • Following directions,
  • Prepositions usage,
  • Auditory recall;
  • 'where' & 'what' WH questions.

Digital Learning Tools

EQuipped with 45 inherently flexible boom cards that can be conveniently used on any computer or iPad device. This life skills tool isn't just suitable for face-to-face sessions but is equally effective for distance learning too! Teachers can easily track student progress in real-time making it an unmissable addition while implementing speech therapy curriculum either in public school classrooms or homeschool environments.
Please note:In order to fully benefit from the features offered by this product users must be connected online using modern browsers (Chrome Safari Firefox Edge) Android iPads iPhones or Kindle Fires are also appropriate. This purchase includes rights of use for one professional user due to adherence to copyright regulations by Power Speech & Language 2020.

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