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Counting Boxes: Caterpillar Count Center

Counting Boxes: Caterpillar Count Center
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About This Product

Counting Boxes: Caterpillar Count Center

A comprehensive teaching resource aimed at enhancing counting abilities in young learners. Ideal for educators in public schools, homeschooling environments, or any educational setting focused on Early Learning, Preschool and Kindergarten years.

A Key Resource for Early Math Education

This suite brims with engaging activities designed to invigorate your pupils' numerical skills. Each card features an adorable caterpillar illustration where students add circles to its body according to a depicted number.

Included in the PDF File:
  • A 14-page resource available both as colour and black-and-white versions.
  • The box comprises numbered cards from 0-20 that are tailored for different skill levels and growth progressions.
  • Two visually appealing cover options for seamless categorization when storing these tools in learning bins.

Diverse Methods of Integration & Constructive Remedial Tool

The Caterpillar Count Center proves equally effective when used in whole group instruction sessions or small groups based on numeracy proficiency levels. Furthermore, this activity serves as an assistive tool for students requiring extra help in mastering numerical identification up to number 20—due credit granted to its basic design focusing on interactive yet straightforward instruction style.


Just print, cut out and laminate the number cards and circle components.
  • This ensures longevity due to repeated interactions by eager little hands!

  • Subsequently conducted play involves:
  • Learners drawing their selected numbered card then adding corresponding circles onto their caterpillar template—an amusing but fruitful process enhancing learner engagement while ingraining early mathematical concepts perceptively.

The Added Advantage

Counting Boxes: Caterpillar Count Center helps paint numbers vividly into the minds of your little learners. Far from being just an academic exercise, it is engaging and makes learning counting an exciting and dynamic experience rather than a mundane chore.

What's Included

1 PDF with 14 usable pages

Resource Tags

counting caterpillar numbers math activity

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