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Crayon Feelings Faces & Emotions Menu-- Chart and Reference Poster

Crayon Feelings Faces & Emotions Menu-- Chart and Reference Poster
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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product


The Crayon Feelings Faces & Emotions Menu-- Chart and Reference Poster

This is a highly-effective teaching resource designed for educators catering to students in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. This innovative tool enables teachers to instruct students about the various shades of human feelings and emotions in a comprehensible manner.

  • Specially tailored for Social Emotional Learning lessons.
  • Consists of ten distinct feelings with corresponding facial expressions represented through engaging characters.
  • `Each feeling has a clearly labelled emotion which ensures easy identification by young learners.`
  • Aids in introducing new emotions to children. Supplementary activities can be fostered using these printed menus.

The Crayon Feelings Faces & Emotions Menu bridges the communication gap elegantly for non-verbal or learning-challenged pupils as it acts as an effective visual support tool. This colorful chart empowers children with increased self-awareness that encourages taking cognizance of others' emotional states too.

Versatility Of The Product:
  • A Physical reference guide helps validate children's emotional state while encouraging them to engage more consciously with their internalized feeling world.
  • Brightens up classrooms or counselling offices when placed strategically creating an aesthetically pleasing environment while serving as a constant reminder about diverse human sentiments!

The package comes complete with two styles
  1. Full-color renderings for aesthetic appeal.
  2. Black-and-White prints enabling budget-friendliness as well as opportunities for custom coloring projects that spark creativity while balancing cognitive learning parameters.

Product caters to educational applications across multiple contexts such as Life Skills instructions or whole team discussions around intra-personal intelligence themes. Suitable across varied pedagogical settings including homeschooling units. Type:
This PDF file type product is categorized under the Special Resources segment and is focused, primarily on worksheets templates designed to promote an inclusive, empathetic learning environment. Course facilitators can conveniently implement Crayon Feelings Faces & Emotions Menu in their teaching-learning modules to facilitate the vital training of healthy emotional awareness. ```

What's Included


⭐Emotions Menu- Full Color

⭐Emotions Menu- Black and White

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