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Whole Body Emotions Menu-- Reference Poster and Feelings Chart

Whole Body Emotions Menu-- Reference Poster and Feelings Chart
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About This Product

Whole Body Emotions Menu - Reference Poster and Feelings Chart

Designed as a supportive teaching tool, the Whole Body Emotions Menu serves both as a reference poster and feelings chart. It's goal is to encourage social-emotional learning in early grade students from preschool to grade 1. This interactive tool helps students identify and name various emotions.

Homeschooling or Classroom Use:

This visual aid is effective in classroom settings or homeschooling lessons, with characters displaying emotions through facial expressions. Even nonverbal children can solidify their understanding of emotions with this visual approach.

Key Features:
  • Labeled Menu: The menu features ten distinct feelings displayed through various facial expressions.
  • Educational Characters: The themed characters showcase different emotional expressions corresponding to feelings such as happiness, sadness, anger, etc., appealing for younger learners.

This tool can be useful for individual lessons focusing on life skill development or fostering emotional growth among students. In addition to other emotion-related activities or while introducing new emotions among students, it acts as a handy educator's companion.

Placement & Usage:

This useful teaching aid not only serves as an essential reminder tool for students but also acts as a valuable reference poster that can be hung anywhere in the classroom or teacher's office. It becomes extremely convenient during student check-ins or when discussing their emotional responses; potentially positioning the Whole Body Emotion Menu as an educator’s favorite pedagogical aid!

  1. Versatile Usage: The resource is user-friendly for whole group instruction and small groups discussion deep-diving into complex emotion layers, along with effective homework assignments where parents could assist children to express themselves better.

  2. Color Options: The chart is available in both full color and black-and-white options making printing flexible depending on the resources available.

This PDF worksheet serves a dual role— it effectively provides education, keeps students engaged, and makes learning about emotions a fun and simple process.

What's Included


⭐Emotions Menu- Full Color

⭐Emotions Menu- Black and White

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