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Current Electricity - Batteries and Current Activities

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Title: Current Electricity - Batteries and Current Activities

Configure a more engaging Science class with the Current Electricity - Batteries and Current Activities pack! Tailored for Grades 5 through 9, this resource simplifies complex concepts of physics revolving around the pillars of electricity. The resource aims to enable pupils to identify positive and negative terminals on a battery alongside their respective symbols, understand how batteries harness chemicals for electron energy purposes and chart out circuit designs.

This kit is loaded with fourteen unique student resources, perfect for interactive learning environments. Each tool can be adjusted as per each student's strength points, the allocated lesson time from teachers or as envisioned by your school's educational system.

  • Promote literacy
  • Cultivate oral communication skills
  • Integrate self-assessment strategies
  • Incorporate peer assessment methodology – clearly indicated on an inclusive flow-chart provided.

The set features two comprehensive PowerPoints:

  1. A vibrant animation-loaded one intended for instruction. It also includes an interactive exit-ticket quiz.
  2. A detailed answer guide containing mark schemes suitable for all worksheet submissions offering convenience in encouraging self-assessment initiatives from students.

You can keep your classes' learning atmosphere dynamic by utilizing this resource in diverse ways it can be explored. Utilize it during whole collectivities through PowerPoint presentations or promote interpersonal skills via small group discussions about each activity. It may also serve as homework tasks inviting parental involvement. This handy resource further unites schools promoting interactive notebooks as part of their teaching approach!

Note:Data-backed teachings reimagine traditional science lessons highlighting basic electricity principles using differentiated learning outcomes found in the preview section. Let us not forget they also seamlessly tie into a broader learning framework comprising eleven topics centered around focused inquiries! For further details, consider checking out other notable Elf Off The Shelf resources.

File Types Include:

Diverse file types extending from PowerPoint formats to worksheets ensure a variety of utility.

What's Included

Resources include elements of literacy, oracy, self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher assessment. These are clearly marked on the flow-chart.

One PowerPoint is richly animated for teaching and includes a fully animated exit-ticket quiz. The other is a detailed answer and mark scheme for all classwork and homework sheets to enable easy self-assessment and peer assessment.

There are 14 differentiated learning outcomes for this pack – please see preview.

*Full instructions for use are given on each resource.

With foldable, cut-and-stick and fact sheet included this pack is also suitable for schools using interactive notebooks.

This pack is effective as a stand-alone topic but is also a part of a suite of 11 topics and an enquiry. If you are contemplating purchasing more than one topic please see preview of module content to see where this lesson fits in.

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