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Current Electricity - Switches in Series and Parallel Circuits - Middle School

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Current Electricity - Switches in Series and Parallel Circuits - Middle School Resource Pack

An educationally rich and comprehensive tool designed to facilitate middle school educators in teaching science, particularly physics. Ideal for students in grades 6 to 9, this resource pack contains a detailed lesson comprising of:

  • 12 structured exercises
  • Clearly defined learning outcomes
  • PowerPoint presentations with easy instructions
  • A variety of worksheets

The flexibility provided by this resource enables educators to customize their lessons based on various factors such as class structure, student abilities, departmental focus or available school resources.

Main Learning Points:

All about Electric Current Measurements:
Understanding the units used in measuring electric current is a crucial component of grasping how electricity flows within circuits. The Real-world Relevance:
Teaching students that the current remains constant throughout a series circuit can come handy while setting up devices at home! In-Depth Understanding for Practical Application:
Imparting knowledge on parallel circuits wherein the summed-up currents across each branch equals the total main current can aid students with troubleshooting faults!
Creativity Boosting Exercises:

This resource also includes stimulating creative-oriented resources like "Designing Result Tables" and "Drawing Circuit Diagrams", fostering practical thinking & application skills.

Additionals Resources Include:
  • Fully animated PowerPoint slides complete with an exit ticket/plenary quiz
  • Cut-and-stick exercises & anticipation guide worksheets useful as discussion starters/prompts or final reviews

  • Vocabulary boosting taboo cards along with foldable materials that could spark interactive class sessions

As a comprehensive package—with templates suitable for homework/classwork assignment grading—it supports every teacher seeking to enhance their students’ learning paths effortlessly. It’s the perfect tool to bring science classroom learning to life.

What's Included

• Animated 14 slide PowerPoint- includes exit ticket /plenary quiz

• Cut and stick

• Anticipation guide(starter and plenary)

• Flip It

• Taboo Cards

• Worksheet for practical

• Fact sheet

• Foldable

• Fact Share Worksheet

• Exit ticket template

• ABC card template

• Differentiated homework/classwork worksheets

• Flow chart lesson plan

• PowerPoint with answers /detailed mark schemes for homework/classwork sheets-pupils of all abilities can self-assess or peer assess

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