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Current Electricity - Lamps in Series and Parallel Circuits

An educational teaching resource from Elf off the Shelf Resources entitled Current Electricity - Lamps in Series and Parallel Circuits downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Current Electricity - Lamps in Series and Parallel Circuits

Get involved in the thrilling world of physics with this interactive teaching tool that introduces pupils to Current Electricity - Lamps in Series and Parallel Circuits. This all-inclusive pack, includes 12 original pupil resources and 2 PowerPoint presentations. It offers educators with a complete set of materials to explain the difference between series and parallel circuits.

In this lesson, students discover the principle that while a series circuit operates in a single continuous loop, a parallel circuit splits into multiple avenues. They'll obtain practical experience understanding that lamps stay equally bright no matter if they are placed in series or parallel circuits. However, identical lamps show enhanced brightness when designed as part of a parallel connection.

Besides, students will investigate how removing one lamp can influence series and parallel circuits distinctly– comprehending why lamps continue to light within a parallel circuit even if one lamp is removed while all go out when disconnected from a series circuit.

  • Tailored learning outcomes are included for each stage of development for grades 6 through 9.
  • A flow chart-style lesson plan clearly shows differentiated learning outcomes making it easy for teachers to adapt material based on student capabilities.
  • The two PowerPoint presentations supplement instruction effectively -- one animated edition engages student interest during teaching periods; another provides educators with comprehensive explanations.
  • Pedagogically structured worksheets featuring foldable elements blend seamlessly with interactive notebooking techniques for hands-on learning engagements.
  • An emphasis on literacy skill development integrates self-expression opportunities promoting reflective learning experiences through various assessment styles (such as cut-and-stick exercises).

This package could be extended as desired to be used as part of eleven related topics covering advanced elements such as electromagnetic waves or magnetism study domains. Whether handled as an individual topic or part of a combined module, this product skilfully simplifies the complicated science behind electrical circuits for middle school students.

All 11 differentiated learning outcomes, lesson plans, PowerPoints and relevant resources are neatly packed into one easy-to-manage Zip file.As simple physics becomes achievable with Current Electricity - Lamps in Series and Parallel Circuits.

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