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Problems Sizes, Matching Your Emotions to Your Reactions For Everyday Problems



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About This Product

Do you have students who have a difficult time handling small problems appropriately? Do they tend to over react to everyday, common problems? 

This activity helps children to understand the difference between "everyday" common problems categorized in 3 sizes, how they make us feel and how we should react to them. Students learn to categorize common problems into sizes 1, 2, or 3, and discuss the corresponding feelings and reactions that may be expected for each. 

Differentiated boards and cards make it easy for you to use with many different learners.

Because children often experience a bigger emotion than the actual size of the problem, discussing this topic through a fun activity, can be more helpful than trying to discuss it during an actual problem.

My students really enjoy doing these activities. I hope yours do too!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 52 Pages

Posters For Each Problem Size 1-3

4 Varieties of Activity Charts (Color)

1 EDITABLE Chart (Color)

4 Varieties of Activity Chart (Black and White)

1 EDITABLE Chart (Black and White)

12 Problem Activity Cards: Picture Scenarios {with words}

12 EDITABLE Cards (To Make Your Own)

12 Problem Activity Cards: Written Scenarios

16 Emotions Activity Cards: Pictures

16 Emotions Activity Cards: Written

12 Editable Cards (To Make Your Own)

24 Reactions Activity Cards: Pictures

24 Reactions Activity Cards: Written

12 EDITABLE Reaction Cards (To Make Your Own)

5 Varieties of Problem Scales {Problem Sizes 1-3}

1 EDITABLE Problem Scale

4 Activity Charts {Things I Can Let Go Of, Things That Bug Me and Things That Drive Me Up A Wall, Things I Can Fix}

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