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Problems Sizes, Matching Your Emotions to Your Reactions For Everyday Problems

Problems Sizes, Matching Your Emotions to Your Reactions For Everyday Problems
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About This Product


Problems Sizes, Matching Your Emotions to Your Reactions For Everyday Problems

A comprehensive teaching resource designed to help educators guide their students through understanding and managing everyday emotional responses. Suitable for students from Kindergarten, Grade 1, all the way up to Grade 5.

Critical in life skills education curriculum

This activity introduces a simple concept of categorizing issues into three sizes - Size 1 being minor worries that can be easily solved, and Size 3 encompassing more significant challenges that may need adult intervention or some time and thought to address.

Broadening the discussion on emotion regulation

The lesson helps broaden the discussion on emotion regulation by associating common predicaments with appropriate reactive emotions and behaviors. Students are encouraged not just to identify problems but also articulate their feelings connected with it.

A flexible tool catering different learner types

  • Differentiated boards: Ideal for individuals or group activities.
  • Scenario cards: These rich aids let teachers easily adapt lessons specific target learners.
    • Fully equipped educational kit

      This product encompasses numerous tools such as various kinds of editable Problem Activity Cards comprising pictorial scenarios alone or added words alongside written scenarios; it includes Emotion Activity Cards displaying visual pictures completed by descriptive wording further enhancing comprehension; it has Reactionary Action Cards intended for step-by-step response aides help guide students react accordingly based on sized-problem identified–complete varying poster sizes each sized-problem thus aiding kids visualize respective intensity levels constructively put things into perspective.

      In Conclusion..."Problem Sizes" doesn't only enrich development cognitive aspect but paves the path towards emotional growth maturity instrumental in strengthening children's resilience effectively responding to life's various challenges every step of this learning journey.


What's Included

Included Please Find: 52 Pages

Posters For Each Problem Size 1-3

4 Varieties of Activity Charts (Color)

1 EDITABLE Chart (Color)

4 Varieties of Activity Chart (Black and White)

1 EDITABLE Chart (Black and White)

12 Problem Activity Cards: Picture Scenarios {with words}

12 EDITABLE Cards (To Make Your Own)

12 Problem Activity Cards: Written Scenarios

16 Emotions Activity Cards: Pictures

16 Emotions Activity Cards: Written

12 Editable Cards (To Make Your Own)

24 Reactions Activity Cards: Pictures

24 Reactions Activity Cards: Written

12 EDITABLE Reaction Cards (To Make Your Own)

5 Varieties of Problem Scales {Problem Sizes 1-3}

1 EDITABLE Problem Scale

4 Activity Charts {Things I Can Let Go Of, Things That Bug Me and Things That Drive Me Up A Wall, Things I Can Fix}

Resource Tags

Emotion regulation Problem solving Empathy building Emotional growth Resilience development

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