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CVC Words Nest Clipping Cards Activity

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1





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About This Product

CVC Words Nest Clipping Cards Activity

This is a valuable teaching resource that offers an engaging method for boosting student's literacy abilities. It enables development of competencies such as phonics, understanding of CVC words, encoding and decoding, letter recognition and improving reading and listening skills.

Suitable for:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 1 level students
  • Preschoolers

The activity can be effortlessly adapted across literacy classes or phonics lessons. It assists students in recalling and reviewing the crucial sounds of letters s,a,t,p,i,n along with comprehension of relevant CVC words.

About the PDF:

The file includes ten pages brimming with colorful clipping cards specifically designed around the letters s,a,t,p,i,n alongside their corresponding CVC words. These are distributed over nine pages (four cards per page). Alongside this, there is one instruction sheet ensuring seamless integration into your teaching plan.

Instructions to use:
  1. Print out desired sets from templates available.
  2. Cut them out.
  3. Laminate them for long-term serviceability before dispersing among students or groups at literacy centers or directly during class.
Note: For bigger classrooms or group sessions; ensure you have printed adequate copies to cater to all involved.
In summary: The CVC Words Nest Clipping Cards Activity provides educators with an interactive way to facilitate core learning objectives while fostering engagement within young learners on different stages of their early linguistic journey.

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 10 pages of clipping cards (with instruction sheet) focusing on letter s, a, t, p, i, n and CVC words from these letters. The sheets are as following:

1. 1 page with instructions

2. 9 pages of CVC words and satpin letters clipping cards (4 cards per page)

Resource Tags

CVC words Clipping cards Phonics activities Literacy skills Reading skills

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