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Daily French Conversations - La Randonnée - Intermediate Lesson Plan

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About This Product

Daily French Conversations - La Randonnée - Intermediate Lesson Plan

Providing engaging and practical instruction for middle and high school students mastering the French language. An invaluable resource for grade levels 6 through 12, it focuses on World Languages with a concentration on everyday French dialogues.

Ideal Classroom Application:
  • The lesson plan revolves around an imaginary hiking trip — 'La Randonnée'— where students plunge into lively conversations in spoken French.
  • An audio and video recording accompanies as course content, adding a proactive engagement layer to the learning experience.
  • Fill-in-the-blank exercises are designed to reinforce vocabulary retention and language understanding with an accompanying transcript acting as an answer key.

If you ever worry about challenging grammar rules used here; fret not. Bilingual text formats offering English translations next to written French expressions facilitate better comprehension irrespective of one's level in French mastery.

Balancing Listening Skills with Oral Practice:

Incorporating auditory experience into written practice solidifies newly learned expressions while improving listening skills—an effective methodology whether operating in large classroom settings or confined student groups.

Summarizing Active Learning:
  1. A role-playing exercise concludes the session which entires students create dialogues tailored around what they've just learned from watching the provided scenario unfold before them—in video format subtitled and supplemented by insightful audio tapes recorded by native speakers.
  2. Packaged variously, this module weaves itself seamlessly into daily lesson plans, group work progress assessments, or even homework assignments—giving educators that much-needed flexibility.

This concise yet comprehensive lesson plan, accommodating an array of digital platforms for both educators' and students', conveniently comes housed as a zip file supporting multiple file types.

What's Included

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