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Daily French Conversations - Au marché - Intermediate Lesson Plan

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About This Product

Daily French Conversations - Au marché - Intermediate French Lesson Plan

A potent and fascinating tool for natural language learning, taking learners on a virtual sojourn to a farmer's market in France. Best suited for grades 6 to 12, this meticulously crafted lesson plan is a boon for French educators and homeschoolers alike. The essence of the resource primarily hinges on sharpening the listening comprehension skills of students while simultaneously broadening their vocabulary sets through real-life dialogues.

  • A multilingual video along with its audio component separately
  • Fill-in-the-blank exercise
  • Transcripts which double up as answer key
  • Role-play situations encouraging creativity;
  • A compilation of helpful phrases catered specifically towards this theme including complete translations making conjugation clear.

The Daily French Conversations package encompasses various facets sculpted to deliver rounded learning experience. Included is a video that sets the situation – buying vegetables at the farmer’s market – communicated in both English and French ensuring unambiguous, contextual understanding. Complementing this video is an audio track offering learners an opportunity to practice pure listening without visual cues thus exercising recall abilities effectively.

"Moving beyond being mere spectators"

Moving beyond being mere spectators of conversation, students are offered interactive opportunities such as fill-i-nte blank exercises and role play scenarios also. An accessible transcript which double duties as an answer key aids them with understanding nuances better.

This resource presents authentic interactions analogous to those they would encounter in real life situations in France or other Francophone territories infuses context-specific phrases into their vocab repertoire wavering from traditional textbook language learning approaches!

Tailored as per your teaching needs!

The lesson can be facilitated by educators during whole-group sessions where stirring group discussions augments the comprehension process significantly. On the other hand, it can also be conducted within smaller groups or individually as well based on variegated student proficiencies and teaching needs.

A friendly Zip File:

This zip file comprising multiple digital file types assures easy handling while the comprehensive assistive tools fortify reaction towards new linguistic stimulus thereby strengthening proficiency levels efficiently.

What's Included

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