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Daily French Conversations - Le billet d'avion - Intermediate Lesson Plan

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About This Product

Daily French Conversations - Le billet d'avion - Intermediate Lesson Plan

Targeting a range of grade levels, from Grade 6 to Grade 12, this invaluable resource caters primarily to the subject of world languages, focusing specifically on French language instruction.


The lesson begins with a video and an audio clip presenting a typical dialogue centered around needing to change information on an airline ticket in France. With synchronized written text in both French and English, students decipher new vocabulary words often absent from traditional textbooks.

Pace & Grammar Balance

Controlled conversation speed and balanced grammar components ensure learners at different stages of proficiency are not overwhelmed. While there are some upper-level grammar structures involved, all students find useful aspects for their respective levels.

Practice Exercise & Role-Play Situation

  1. A fill-in-the-blank exercise matching up with the conversation script is included for hands-on practice.
  2. A role-play situation prompts learners to create their own dialogues managing travel mishaps over phone calls!

An add-on list containing practical sentences relevant to these scenarios fuels idea generation enabling active application of learnt glossaries into tangible interactions.

Create Dialogue-Based Narratives Assignment

To conclude each lesson, students are tasked with creating dialogue-based narratives employing highlighted sentence formations thereby implementing classroom learnings into adoptive verbal skills outside formal settings!

This dynamic multipurpose tool encourages listening skills enhancement alongside reading comprehension improvement bridging between conventional teaching methods & reality-led immersive experiences aptly fulfilling overall language pedagogy requisites in engagingly effective & fairly individualistic fashion. The delivery of content via multiple file types ensures ease-of-access regardless of device compatibility.

This resource truly embodies the personified theme of learning directly through conversing – an ideal choice for educators aiming to trigger intuitive language acquisition process in learners!

What's Included

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