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Data Analysis & Probability - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. PK-2 | MAC Software

Data Analysis & Probability - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. PK-2 | MAC Software
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About This Product

Product Description

This product is an all-round educational resource for educators teaching data analysis and probability in grades PK-2. Containing over 150 activities across more than 80 interactive screens, it successfully combines task-based activities and drills to cater to various classroom settings.

Standards Compliance

Aligned with NCTM standards and individual State Curriculum Math Strand of Data Analysis & Probability, this software is specifically cast for math proficiency.

Main Features

  • An array of pre-assessment activities for bespoke learning plans.
  • Real-world problem solving exercises aimed at applied skill development.
  • Dual functionality in imperial and metric measurements - useful in diverse geographical contexts.
  • Bilingual text-to-speech ability (English/Spanish), supporting non-native speakers or bilingual classrooms effectively.
  • Aptly balanced drill problems (90+) ensuring practice on accuracy and speediness. Printables available for traditional paper tasks/tests.
  • Incorporated learning games like memory match game, board game & spinner game offering fun ways to learn concepts at a suitable pace.

Actionable Evaluations

The product comes fitted with assessment quizzes after each chapter acting as key knowledge-check markers providing both, the student performance feedback & teacher evaluations on their mathematical understanding level.

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This state-of-the-art digital lesson plan encourages curiosity while filling knowledge gaps in areas of Data Analysis & Probability for pre-kindergarten to grade 2 students, inclusive, be it at home or school settings.

What's Included

1 zip file with MAC software

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