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Digital Brain Breaks - Exercise Edition

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About This Product

Digital Brain Breaks - Exercise Edition: An Essential Teaching Resource

The Digital Brain Breaks - Exercise Edition is a unique teaching resource that caters to physical education and mental health needs of students. This indispensable tool benefits all educators, from public school teachers to homeschoolers; it encourages much-needed breaks during learning sessions and fosters exercise.

This practical product comprises 8 interactive slides equipped with timer hyperlinks. Each slide offers diverse activities, serving as fruitfully short breaks that facilitate not just physical activity, but also cognitive enhancement.

Versatility: Classroom to Home Learning

The beauty of the 'Exercise Edition' lies in its adaptability for various settings. Use it in whole group sessions to encourage collective participation or small groups for more personalized attention. Extend its use beyond classrooms by assigning activities as homework tasks—an innovative approach that keeps children engaged physically outside educational premises while reinforcing concepts learned.

Multifunctional Across Grades

  • Subject-specific: Although primarily developed for Physical Education (P.E) & Health subjects, this module can supplement other subjects too.
  • Grade-neutral: It doesn't conform to any specific grade constraints—underlining its universal allure across multiple grades.
  • User requirement: You just need Microsoft PowerPoint!

Nurturing Holistic Growth via Learning-derived Pleasure

This product successfully bridges the gap between structured education and well-being intervention strategies without compromising on interest levels. By incorporating the 'Digital Brain Breaks - Exercise Edition', you can nurture creativity during breaks while simultaneously promoting healthy lifestyle habits—all at your fingertips!

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 8 interactive slides

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Digital Brain Breaks Exercise Physical Education Mental Health Interactive

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