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Digital Drag and Drop: One-Step Equation Puzzle

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Grade 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

In this activity, students will have the opportunity to practice solving one-step equations. This activity is a digital rectangle puzzle designed for use in Google Slides. Once students solve an equation, they need to find their answer on a different puzzle piece and pair it up with the equation to create a match. As students develop more matches, the rectangular puzzle will begin to form. A blank puzzle mat slide is included in order for students to know how big the puzzle is supposed to be. The puzzle allows students to receive immediate feedback on how they are doing - if they can't find their answer on another puzzle piece, they need to check their work!

This activity works great for independent practice after a lesson, or even as a homework assignment!

This activity is suited for students who are just learning how to solve equations or for students who need a refresher on one-step equations before moving on to two-step equations.

Students will solve one-step equations that involve:





Access To Resource:

This is a Google Drive Activity. Both the teacher and student must have a Google account in order to use this resource. When you open up the file you will click on the link which will prompt you to create a copy. The copy will then be saved to your Google Drive and you can assign the activity accordingly to your students.

What's Included

Included With This Product:

-Answer Key

-Google Slides File (Click the link in the PDF in order to create a copy for your own Google Drive)

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