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Displaying Data and Probability

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Grade 5



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Displaying Data and Probability

This resource is primarily meant for Grade 5 students studying Statistics as part of their Math curriculum. It contains various activities and lessons, simplified to aid understanding of complex mathematic concepts. Focus areas include:

  • Displaying Data
  • Circle Graphs
  • Bar Graphs
  • Probability

About each section:

The Displaying Data Section:

In this activity-rich section, students are guided on how to efficiently collect, systematically organize, skillfully analyze, and neatly display data.

The Circle Graphs Section:

A hands-on approach is employed in teaching students how to accurately draw out pie charts using the provided data as well as elucidating the degrees represented by each slice.

The Bar Graph Section:

The bar graph toolkit encourages logical collection and organization of data into easy-to-understand graphs that include both single bar graphs as well double bar graphs.

The Probability Section :

This section simplifies probability with relevant vocabulary and varied ways of expression thereby laying a solid foundation into understanding this fundamental mathematics model.

The resource also includes an exclusive guide on teaching complicated topics like computing sample space through tree diagrams. Finally delivered in a convenient PDF format suitable for both print outs or digital viewing- The Displaying Data and Probability guide is an all-encompassing methodology that aids educators whether they operate within traditional classroom settings or homeschool their pupils.

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