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Distance Learning: Become a Grammar Rock Star

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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

If devising appealing grammar exercises for your Upper Elementary/Middle School class seems like a burdensome task, rest easy. I have your needs covered with the Become A Grammar Rock Star resource. It's a known fact that most kids, particularly of this age group, are enthusiastic about music. Many even dream about attaining rock-star status one day. Keeping this in mind, a no-prep printable ELA/Language Arts package for grades 5-6, with every sentence music-related, was crafted. A Distance Learning version of this resource is also available - just click the link provided to explore it.

Imagine the relief of being able to concentrate more on teaching and less on planning!

Grammar, as emphasized by experts, is the medium through which linguistic creativity is manifested. Grammar serves as the very foundation of language, helping us use language correctly. It provides us with insight into the framework and structure of language.

This resource has been highly appreciated by teachers, with Kristen K terming it as "very helpful, excellent for grade 5", Ashley J lauding it as a "great resource", and Milissa Crum commending it as a resource that could be used "right away!" Alana K expressed excitement to try this with her students, albeit with a humorous apprehension about having to explain who the Backstreet Boys are.

The resource includes activities that focus on writing complete sentences using correct capitalization and end punctuation, understanding when a sentence is a finished thought or not, as well as worksheets dealing with subject/predicate & complete subject/predicate. Activities on the 4 Types of Sentences: Declarative, Interrogative, Exclamatory, and Interrogative are also included to assess or reinforce the skills your students have already acquired.

◈This resource can be used for:

✔ 4th grade

✔ 5th grade

✔ 6th grade

✔ Special Ed Classrooms

✔ Remedial Classrooms

✔ Home School

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