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Poetry Jam: Interactive Notebook

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

This Poetry Jam Interactive Notebook-Flip Book for grades 6-8 will be your BFF as it will captivate not only your students' interest but also your own.

The arrival of spring carries a certain magic, doesn't it? For me, the rejuvenating spirit of spring aligns perfectly with the art of poetry. To engage students in this genre, I once led them outdoors to recline beneath a tree and weave a poem. This unique approach with my 6th graders yielded stunning results. I have no doubt this resource will ignite the poetic sparks in your students as well.

Are you striving to enhance your students' organizational skills and their ability to compile thoughts? This resource introduces foldables that can be incorporated into interactive notebooks and showcased around the classroom.

Given the diverse learning styles of your students, this resource stands ready to cater to them all. It has been designed not only to engage your visual learners but also to effectively serve the needs of your linguistic and kinesthetic learners.

To bring this activity to a rewarding conclusion, your students get the chance to publish their favored poem(s) in a collection titled 'Celebration of Young Poets- Creative Communication, Inc.' Further details are provided in the teacher's lesson plans. What a magnificent way to boost their self-esteem and pride by seeing their work in print.

We, as educators, are acutely aware that crafting poetry can sometimes feel strenuous and time-intensive for both teachers and students. However, this resource promises to infuse the process with a sense of enjoyment and fun.

◈RESEARCH has shown◈ 
◈ Poetry motivates kids to read because it helps to build important
skills like vocabulary, expression, fluency, and writing.
◈ Poetry is an effective way for kids to express feelings, especially during
emotionally trying times.
◈ Poetry helps foster the imagination, artistic expression, clear
thinking and identity.
◈ Poetry helps children gain empathy for the world around them including
nature and humanity.
◈ Reading poems aloud can help one experience it fully while exposing its
deeper meaning.

♥ What other teachers are saying about this resource ♥ 
 ♥ "Nice variety to pick from for my  students " Shar W
♥ “Great resource.” LaNell T

☺ What’s Included:☺
☺ Teacher’s Complete Lesson Plans
☺ Poetry Writing Workshop, Student Handouts
☺ Parts of Speech, Sensory Cards
☺ Envelope for Sensory Cards
☺ Free Verse Poems Flip Book & Worksheets 
☺ Sensory Flip Book Poems &Worksheets
☺ Acrostic Flip Book Poems & Worksheets
☺ Limericks & Riddles Flip Book
☺ Cinquain Flip Book
☺ Diamante Flip Book
☺ Haiku Flip Book
☺ Shape Poem Flip Book
☺ Grading Rubric
☺ Posters for Each Type of Poem 

I’ll never forget one of my students, a typical boy, he was a scooch, fooled around, tried to take the easiest way out, and did everything he could to get out of work. Buuut he had a great sense of humor and kept me laughing throughout the year. Poetry truly clicked with him, it blew my mind when I read his Free Verse Poem., it was amaaazing. The best poem in the class. He blew himself away too, lol! I was so proud of him for what he had accomplished. Annnd isn’t that what it’s all about?

This resource can be used for:
✔ Middle School
✔ Upper Elementary
✔ Special Ed Classrooms

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Copyright©2016 Deann Marin (Socrates Lantern)

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