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Dividing Decimals using the Standard Algorithm

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About This Product

For educators and homeschoolers searching for worksheets on dividing decimals that are specifically aimed at practicing the standard algorithm. then this is the ideal resource.

Designed with ease of use in mind, it offers no-prep worksheets with the questions prepared and ready for students to work on immediately. 

Dividing Decimals using the Standard Algorithm resource comes with 16 sets of worksheets that will give you lots of freedom to set the level of work, whether your students need a gentle start with fewer digits and a specific 1-digit multiplier or at the right time present them with the challenge of dividing 5-digit decimal numbers by a mix of decimal numbers, or any of the fourteen levels in between. 

The first two sets provide practice with units to 2dp and tens to 1dp divided by 1-digit whole numbers. You can choose to print a worksheet with one specific number or a mix.

The following six sets provide worksheets dividing 4-digit decimal numbers then 5-digit decimal numbers by 1-digit whole numbers, again with a choice of printing a worksheet with one specific number or a mix.

Sets 9 to 11 gives you a choice of dividends: Thousands to 1dp, Hundreds to 2 dp or Units to 4dp divided by multiples of 10.

Sets 12 to 14 has the same choice of dividends as with Sets 9 to 11 but with 2-digit whole number divisors.

Sets 15 and 16 have 4 & 5-digit decimal dividends, but now as an extra challenge the divisors are also decimal numbers, so there is the additional step of changing the divisor to a whole number and adjusting the dividend accordingly.

A standout feature is the worksheet randomization. With a single click, educators can generate an entirely new set of questions, making it a renewable resource for the entire school year. Be it for classwork, revision, or homework, the adaptability ensures students achieve proficiency in the topic.

Each worksheet concludes with an automatically generated answer key on its second page, offering a complete solution with all the intermediate steps shown, enabling you to spot errors quickly.

And if there's ever a need for a last-minute lesson or work for a substitute teacher, these sheets are a reliable fallback.

Lastly, it's essential to note that these resources are compatible PDF documents. They operate seamlessly with the official Adobe Acrobat Reader on both Windows and Mac. Plus, the randomizing features are effortlessly accessible via touchscreen devices or interactive whiteboards.

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