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Earth's Revolution, Tilt, and Seasons - Senior Earth and Space Lesson

An educational teaching resource from Teach With Fergy entitled Earth's Revolution, Tilt, and Seasons - Senior Earth and Space Lesson downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

Earth's Revolution, Tilt, and Seasons - Senior Earth and Space Lesson

An exemplary teaching resource designed specifically for educators of grade 10 to 12 science students. This extensive one-day lesson plan focuses on key topics like Kepler's laws, Earth’s elliptical path around the sun, the impacts of Earth's tilt and revolution, along with phenomena such as Equinoxes, Perihelion and Aphelion.

The package features:
  • A comprehensive teacher version of the presentation that highlights key points with bolded and underlined text
  • A student version requiring active involvement through filling in significant information
  • An automatically graded Exit Ticket.
  • Three related videos. The videos are seamlessly integrated into the presentation,
  • A detailed student handout correlating with the presentation.

The resources are available in both Google Docs/Slides formats ensuring maximum compatibility across different systems. This one-click-to-access resource integrates perfectly with Google Classroom making distance learning seamless for both teachers and scholars alike.

This unrivaled resource provides unlimited opportunities for inquiry-based learning stimulating discussion amongst students regarding complex concepts like seasons due to Earth’s tilt or understanding astronomical notions like perihelion or aphelion.

Versatility & Completeness:

Young minds can explore these concepts via group study sessions enabling collective brainstorming strategies or delve into it individually at home utilizing its homework assignment potential aside from traditional whole class application protocol. This educational instrument is also part of an ‘Earth & Space-Earth unit bundle’ featuring expansive coverage about earth-space science topics aptly suitable in setting up groundwork offering an enriching science learning experience. In essence, this resource is an all-encompassing compendium offering insight into intricate astronomical phenomena simplifying understanding without compromising on in-depth knowledge factors thus making learners' journey excitingly educational.

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