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Easter Alphabet Seek and Find Mats with Rabbits

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About This Product

Easter Alphabet Seek and Find Mats with Rabbits

A fun-filled yet educational activity for preschool and kindergarten students. The hands-on literacy center features rabbit-themed letter recognition matching mats, offering an engaging way to combine holiday cheer with learning.

Versatile Resource Kit Includes:

  • Three different mats featuring all letters from A-Z.
  • Color and black-and-white versions of the mats.
  • Activities including literacy centers to write and wipe activities.

This resource can be used effectively in sensory bins by placing in a center with the letter cards inside. Another innovative use is a scavenger hunt-like Write the Room activity where educators hide cards around the room with pupils tasked to find them. The product also lends itself perfectly for Find cover or dot activities where students use magnets, bingo chips or markers after drawing a card showing a specific letter.

Educational Value:

Pertinently designed to assess key competencies such as letter recognition of capital & lowercase letters, and handwriting practice for each alphabet character this multifaceted product ensures thorough learning while fostering enjoyment amongst learners.


The no-prep nature of this resource means that educators can simply print out the relevant materials before distributing them or setting up at desired locations. For longevity an option can be laminating them for long-term use. Low-preparation is required when dealing with companion pieces, which entail printing out before separating into individual cards; this can also be laminated for enhanced durability if required.

In Summary:

Easter Alphabet Seek-and-Find Mats are ingenious teaching resources that blend amusement typical Easter festivities with important core competencies. It's tailored to suit the needs of modern-day classrooms, catering to multiple levels including Preschool and Kindergarten, complimenting various fields of study like Holiday-based lessons, Language Arts encompassing themes such as Spring & Easter Handwriting practices; it makes for a truly comprehensive package gifted to young learners navigating their early academic journey.

What's Included

This product is a PDF with the following items

1 Capital Letter Mat

1 Lowercase Letter Mat

1 Capital and Lowercase Letter Mat

Capital and Lowercase Letter Cards

Resource Tags

Easter Alphabet recognition Seek and Find Hands-on learning Letter tracing

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