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Eclipse PE Game

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Eclipse PE Game

The Eclipse PE Game is a prime teaching resource designed to help educators effectively assess students' locomotor skills. This comprehensive bundle includes skill-assessment rubrics for various gross motor activities such as running, skipping, leaping, galloping, side sliding, hopping and the horizontal jump. These rubrics are detailed yet straightforward offering simple grading for teachers and an easy interpretation key for students.

Product Specification:

  • Printer ready product
  • Color poster showcasing different activities
  • Individual black-and-white printouts for each student

[The Eclipse PE Game bundle] is carefully crafted keeping its target audience - elementary and middle school students - in mind but can also successfully be used with high schoolers. The game incorporates fun-filled activities which ensure maximum volume of physical activity (MVPA), enabling children to improve their cardiovascular fitness within dynamic sessions.

Versatility: This resource has considerations about your gym or playing ground size when designing the game dynamics.

Inclusivity: Molded suitable not only by PE teachers as part of their curriculum but also usable by classroom educators organizing recess activities making play times focused yet enjoyable experiences.

    The Eclipse PE Games encourages team work through its extensive round up of games aiming at improving hand-eye coordination along with refining multiple skills including catching, throwing striking etc., all precipitated towards one goal: creating an inclusive active learning environment boosting both individual talents as well as teamwork.
Instructor Guide: For guiding you throughout the course effectively it presents detailed instructions via easy-to-digest lesson plan format accompanied by set-up diagrams fulfilling your every requirement from understanding how to conduct these interactive sessions efficiently till actually carrying them out seamlessly year after year while observing visible development of students' locomotor skills leading towards their better overall health.

What's Included

1 PDF with 5 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

locomotor skills skill assessment physical activity inclusive learning teamwork

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