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Electricity Generation – Lab Station Activity

An educational teaching resource from Teach With Fergy entitled Electricity Generation – Lab Station Activity downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

Electricity Generation – Lab Station Activity Educators seeking an engaging, hands-on resource to teach the principles of electricity generation will find the Electricity Generation - Lab Station Activity to be an invaluable teaching tool. This product is a fully editable lab station activity designed to actively engage students in learning about electricity production.
  • This robust product offers seven distinct lab stations with unique and engaging activities.
  • Students have opportunities at each station to test their understanding of different methods of electricity production—such as renewable and non-renewable sources, fossil fuels, nuclear power, wind energy, hydroelectric power and future technologies in interactive ways.
  • The resource includes practically no-prep for educators - just print the cards and lay them out around the classroom!
Bonus activities:
  1. An added advantage is bonus activities such as word scrambles and word searches related to the topic. These orchestrated interjections ensure there is no idle time between transitioning from one action-packed station activity to another!
  2. The toolkit can be used during laboratory sessions or serves well for review tasks prior tests or quizzes.

This resource also promotes independent thinking skills by requiring students to research specific aspects relating to electricity generation on their own devices or a classroom computer at 'research' stations. It encourages expression as students write down opinions on questions surrounding how electricity gets produced.

Designed for multi-modal learners from 7th-10th grade studying science with subtopics in engineering; this package can also be sent home as extensions/homework tasks after lessons end. Overall teachers will appreciate how effortlessly it blends learning assessment while ensuring student engagement!

Note: An answer key is provided where applicable so educators can quickly and accurately grade student work and offer feedback on their learning progress.

In summary, this unique collection of station activities facilitates a complete immersion into understanding electricity generation while ensuring students remain stimulated and engaged throughout their exploration. As they navigate through each station activity – either in small groups or individually – students strengthen their grasp over the subject matter.

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