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Emoji Game-Played like Apples to Apples (No reading required!)

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About This Product

In this resource you will receive a very engaging and fun game played like Apples to Apples. There are 30 different emoji cards and 90 different person, place, thing, event cards. There is no reading required. Anyone over 5 can easily play this game. Directions: One person is the "judge" first. I usually choose the oldest in the group. The judge turns over one of the emoji cards. The other players choose one of their person, place, thing, event cards that best fits with that particular emoji. The judge then decides which one is best and the person who put down that card in the pile wins the emoji and also gets a point. The game continues as the next person clockwise is now the "judge". Each player needs to have 5 person, place, thing, event cards at all times. If they played a card, then on the next round they get another person, place, thing, event card. The discarded/used cards go back in the person, place, thing, event card pile to be replayed in future rounds. There are directions in this product.

Uses: This game is great to play for indoor recess, centers, community building, etc. Because this is fully editable, you can choose which emojis you want and which person, place, thing, event cards you want. You can add or delete any of the pictures. You know your students best. I would recommend copying one set for each group of students playing. I also recommend using card stock and laminate for durability. Some of the emojis represented are party, cook, excited, mad, disgusted, poopy, yummy, hot, icy cold, steaming mad, laughing, crying, scared, etc. Some of the situations are disneyland, ziplining, broken window, darth vader, alien, smelly socks, super hero, minecraft person, candy, ice cream truck, the dentist, getting a shot, arcade, go carts, legos, smores, baseball, touchdown, and many more!

You will be downloading a pdf with the link to the Google Slides. You will be prompted to "make a copy". Click "yes". And then enjoy!!!

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