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Emotions Bingo Counseling Game I Social Emotional Learning Activities

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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Are you looking for a counseling game that will not only help your students identify their feelings but also keep them engaged in your sessions? This Emotions Bingo Game is perfect for your counseling sessions!

This emotions game is a perfect addition for your social emotional learning games as this helps students identify their emotions (while playing a fun bingo game)!

This emotions matching game includes 2 different types of calling cards: one set that states the emotion as is, and one set that describes a situation and students have to state how they would feel in that situation.

This bingo game also includes 30 bingo cards with different types of grids to support students with different attention spans!

What is Included:

⭐ 10 3x3 Bingo Cards

⭐ 10 4x4 Bingo Cards

⭐ 10 5x5 Bingo Cards

⭐ 25 Different Emotions

⭐ 2 Separate Calling Cards

Why Is It A Must-Have?:

❤️ Expands Emotional Vocabulary

❤️ Helps Students Identify Different emotions

❤️ Increases engagement in your sessions

❤️ Perfect For Different Types of Learners

Some Ideas for Use Are:

⭐ Individual Lessons

⭐ Small Groups

⭐ Whole Class Lessons

Help your students expand their emotional vocabulary, identify their emotions, and grow to love social emotional learning with this bingo game!

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