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Emotions Jeopardy Game -- Counseling Game for Feelings and Emotions

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About This Product

Everyone needs to know how to identify their feelings and emotions and teaching students while they are young is key in mastering this skill!

This engaging and interactive jeopardy game is the perfect way to teach kids different emotions, while helping students to identify their emotions through a variety of activities! Easy to use and a no-prep resource, this the perfect way to teach and review different emotions and experiences students have had with different emotions to help promote self-awareness. 

This file includes a digital and printable copy of the game, so you can use this resource no matter what your technology situation is! If you are looking for Social Emotional Learning games and activities for your students, this is the perfect game for you, especially since it aligns with CASEL standards.

Category Names:

⭐Name It-- An emotion will be pictured and students will have to guess which emotion is being represented

⭐ This or That-- An emotion is named and students have to decide which picture accurately reflects the emotion listed

⭐Situations -- Students will be given a situation and they have to determine what emotion they would feel in that situation

⭐ Body Feelings – Body reactions will be described and students will have to guess what emotions is being described based on the body sensations given

⭐Triggers-- Using multiple choice, students will have to figure out what answer is a popular trigger for the emotion listed

What's Included?

❤️ Google Slides Game Show

❤️ Printable Version with 25 different Trivia Cards

❤️ Answer Key for Printable Version

Some Ideas for Use Are:

⭐Individual Lessons To Review Different Emotions

⭐ Counseling Small Groups

⭐ Whole Class Lesson on Identifying Emotions and Self-Awareness

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