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Coping Skills Bingo Counseling Game | Social Emotional Activity

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Are you wanting a counseling game that will spice up your coping skills lessons in your counseling sessions? This Coping Skills Bingo Game is perfect for keeping engagement high in your sessions while also teaching your students all about different coping skills!

This coping skills activity is the perfect counseling activity. With 46 different calming strategies, students will have a chance to practice calming down their big feelings while getting to play a classic game with a fun twist!

This coping skills game includes calling cards that state the skill and then students are encouraged to practice that skill if they have it on their board!

This bingo game also includes 30 bingo cards with different types of grids to support students with different attention spans and skill levels so you can differentiate how you would like!

What is Included:

⭐ 10 3x3 Bingo Cards

⭐ 10 4x4 Bingo Cards

⭐ 10 5x5 Bingo Cards

⭐ 46 Different Coping Skills

⭐ Ink-Friendly Copy

Why Is It A Must-Have?:

❤️ Helps students identify & practice different coping skills

❤️ Helps expand different calming strategies for students

❤️ Increases engagement in your sessions

❤️ Perfect For Different Types of Learners

Some Ideas for Use Are:

⭐ Individual Lessons

⭐ Small Groups

⭐ Whole Class Lessons

Help your students expand their coping skills toolbox, identify the coping skills that work for them, and grow to love social emotional learning with this bingo game!

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