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Energy Transfer – Device-Based Scavenger Hunt Activity

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Grade 9, 10, 11



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About This Product

Energy Transfer - Device-Based Scavenger Hunt This engaging scavenger hunt activity teaches students about energy transfer concepts including conduction, convection, radiation, thermal energy, and heat energy. Utilizing smartphones, laptops, or tablets, students work in small groups and move from station to station around the classroom, scanning QR codes that lead them to interactive tasks. Possible tasks include analyzing videos, completing simulations and quizzes, creative writing prompts, calculations, web research, and more. The variety of activities appeals to different learning styles and keeps students engaged as they reinforce their understanding of energy transfer. Implementing this self-directed activity in your classroom allows students to utilize devices in a meaningful way for learning and assessment. The automated grading and paperless format also saves time for educators. With 5 unique but related scavenger hunts to choose from, this versatile resource can be used for whole class instruction, small group work, or even as a homework assignment. Additional scavenger hunts in various science topics such as biology, chemistry, ecology, astronomy and electricity are also available, with new ones continually being added. Visit the Teach With Fergy website for more information on implementing this and other interactive resources to engage science students.

What's Included

The Content Includes:

• Conduction

• Convection

• Radiation

• Thermal energy

• Heat energy

• Energy and weather

• Applications

Resource Tags

energy transfer transfer of energy physics energy energy scavenger hunt energy scavenger hunt pdf heat transfer internet scavenger hunt

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