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Escape The Beach Boom Deck with Audio and Handouts

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About This Product

Escape The Beach Boom Deck with Audio and Handouts

This versatile teaching tool is ideal for educators, both in traditional school settings and home schools. It is primarily suitable for kindergarteners through second graders, assisting them to learn six fundamental strategies to manage emotions.

The innovative delivery method of this resource - narrative voice-over interactive cards, eliminates the need for reading skills. With a captivating summer theme, it creates an engaging learning experience.

  • Children grasp relaxation techniques like beach ball breathing.
  • The concept of empathy is instilled by encouraging new perspectives.
  • Mastery over emotional surfing helps develop emotional stability and resilience.
  • Awareness about the importance of quiet breaks helps children self-regulate their feelings.
  • An emphasis on gratitude as a coping mechanism foster positivity in kids.

Beyond Informational Content...

This resource comes equipped with extended activities that offer further room for exploration or reinforcement of these concepts. These include:

  1. Navigating an interactive maze
  2. Coloring strategy-themed bookmarks or sheets
      The Boom Cards platform's integration with this product is noteworthy:

      Instant feedback through 'Fast Pins' allows students to self-grade while tackling puzzle challenges. You can use it in different ways: Use an interactive board for collaborative problem-solving sessions amongst peers, or you can assign tasks individually via connected devices depending on your preference. To conclude,

      'Escape The Beach Boom Deck with Audio and Handouts' brings summer fun into classrooms while teaching important life skills efficiently. Please note:

      To use 'Boom Cards', access to the internet via modern browsers (Chrome, Safari Firefox & Edge) or apps(Android/iPad/iPhones/Kindle Fires) is required. Purchase of a premium account may be necessary depending on the desired assignment options that report student progress back to teachers.

What's Included

This is a 42 card Boom Deck and 3 printable handouts.

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