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Escape The Movies! SEL Boom Card About Friendship and Bullying

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Life Skills


Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Escape The Movies! SEL Boom Card About Friendship and Bullying

Escape The Movies! SEL Boom Card About Friendship and Bullying is an interactive teaching tool designed for educators to engage students effectively about critical social issues like bullying and friendship. Seamlessly integrated with an engaging escape room theme, this unique teaching resource encourages learners to navigate through various areas of a virtual movie theater.

Each room in the theater introduces a different scenario, addressing multifaceted topics such as back-biting vs face-to-face bullying, harmful vs friendly teasing, qualities of healthy friendships compared to negative characteristics found in bullies. It also fosters empathy and understanding by helping students comprehend others' perspectives.

The Journey Through Rooms

  • The progressive journey through four rooms each containing two puzzles ensures the active participation of the learner.
  • As they solve puzzles, students are rewarded with letters that will eventually culminate into a final phrase "Be an ally".

This phrase signifies cessation of play—representing standing up against discrimination. This tool is laden with rewards in the form of GIFS and cleverly incorporated sound effects adding a touch of authenticity enhancing real-life relevance for learners thereby making it impactful yet fun-filled learning experience.

Suitable Grades Levels

This was primarily intended for grades 3-8 given its compliance with life skills criteria within their respective curriculums.

Potential Implementation Methods For Educators:

  1. In-class whole group engagements: where everyone collectively learns
  2. In-class small groups assignments:fostering strong teamwork dynamics
  3. Homework task: bringing practice at home right from classroom learnings

Beyond just providing content that’s useful immediately upon download activated by clicking on an image via Boom Cards; Escape The Movies! addresses broader life-skills which remain relevant throughout life thereby serving as more than just another activity—it becomes your ally in character education reinforcing positive attitudes such compassion, understanding and courage.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in an image.

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