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European Portuguese/ English Alphabet Letters Posters - Letra E

European Portuguese/ English Alphabet Letters Posters - Letra E
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About This Product

Title: European Portuguese/ English Alphabet Letters Posters - Letra E
This exceptional educational resource, the European Portuguese/English Alphabet Letters Posters – Letra E, is an idyllic blend of vibrant rainbow hues with the fascination of bilingual education. These posters serve as a transition to European Portuguese for beginner learners while augmenting their existing knowledge of the English alphabet. Given its pedagogical significance, these can be used by educators in different settings; public school teachers and homeschoolers alike, be it during whole classroom lessons or smaller group activities or even homework assignments.
Designed keeping students at Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1 and Grade 2 levels in mind, these alphabet posters align well under World Language studies targeting those specificaly interested in acquiring the Portugese language. Each individual poster is dedicated to one letter from both alphabets making thus making dual-language learning less intimidating.
Underlining indications:
  • Letra E:This edition not only holds alphabetical importance; but rather offers a profound introduction into understanding and implenting grammatical gender which plays a pivotal role in mastering European Portugal lexicon. The included words on these downloadable PDFs also include their respective definite articles assisting early learners appreciate its use.
  • Included Material: Arriving with your purchase will be 26 meticulously rendered high-resolution USA Letter-size PDF files each catering to a unique letter of the alphabet. Each file introduces new words associated with that specific letter thereby enhancing vocabulary skills progressively.
In brief,our commitment towards delivering captivating products such as these bilingual posters promises not just an appealing aesthetic but also kindles an enthusiasm for multilingual exploration among children.

What's Included

A PDF with 3 pages.

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